The moment the bus departed the main terminal and began rambling its way up a dusty road in the hills of Guatemala in 2009, I knew my life would never be the same.  I could feel my perspective shift in sync with the passing of the landscape as I journeyed towards exploring a new way of being and experiencing what it means to seek and find happiness.


 During my ensuing decade of service to humanitarian aid projects with Choice Humanitarian, I witnessed communities surviving and even thriving in harsh conditions of extreme poverty. And over time, I came to understand the resilient power of the village and creating your own happiness no matter what comes your way in life.


I now focus on sharing my stories of trenches and tin roofs with audiences of all types, encouraging them to seek out their own lasting joy. I also host a weekly podcast called "Are You Happy In Your Heart?" which highlights people's first person accounts of finding happiness in spite of their hardships. You can also find me blogging about my travel experiences here..

I am a Utah native who loves people. In my free time, I love exploring the  mountains and spending time with all 13 of my lively nieces and nephews!